Genm Healthcare Consulting Group

Who are we?

When a team of senior care executives was tasked with developing an immediate plan to address a multi-million-dollar challenge, they worked to identify and implement a multi-faceted strategy that positively changed the course of a 125-year old company and repositioned it for growth.

The ingenuity and bold decision-making of these visionaries earned them the name GenM - which reflects the next generation of fearless change agents supporting, stabilizing and positioning health and senior care organizations for growth.

What do we do?

With an impressive resume of skill sets and operational success stories, the GenM team applies data-driven insights and strategies to peel away the layers revealing actionable solutions.

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Agents of Change

Understanding the role that is played by every discipline within an organization and the benefits of collaboration, the GenM cross-functional team is making their services available to the market at a time when change should not be seen as a threat, but as the wave which propels the industry toward a new way of caring for its communities.

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GenM Solutions Center

The GenM Solutions Center brings real-world solutions from senior care operations and marketing experts who know how to transform business. From complete operational oversight to à la carte service consulting, GenM works with our clients to develop a customized approach to ensuring their business investment has everything it needs to succeed.

With over one hundred years of management experience, GenM brings its expertise to senior living investors, owners and operators who are looking for an experienced and top-rated management team to oversee the operations of their senior care communities.

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